At Datkan we are more than a supplier.

We add value.

A true partner for inventory management and solutions along the value chain

Production companies tend to focus on the large value items when it comes to design, production, and sourcing, and tend to overlook the inexpensive items, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary costs across the value chain.

At Datkan we can help you improve in all those steps. Our experts can analyse and advise you on how to improve your sourcing, but we can also offer full outsourcing and trade for certain components.

We can assist you to technically optimize your design, aligning the design to components sourcing and production, reducing costly and time-consuming product redesigns deeper in the process.

Taking it even a step further, we can deliver sub-assemblies, assembled and tested, supplying these sub-assemblies just-in-time during the production process.

Our solutions and services

Our solutions and services are built around the main steps in the value chain. They are both non-technical and technical in nature, can be structural or ad-hoc to cover all your needs.

At a minimum, we can help you with the sourcing, trade, optimization, and stock management of certain components, offering temporary distributions solutions, and when needed to ensure continuity.

We provide technical advice to help you optimize your components, and to improve your design in function of optimized sourcing, supply chain, testing and production. When urgent we can search and supply the components you need.

You can outsource your pre- and sub-assemblies to us and let us take care of the assembly and testing of specific customized supply chain sourcing solutions.

Who benefits from our solutions?

Our positive impact can be seen across many areas in the organization, including sourcing and procurement, engineering, production, and administration:
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    There is no need to pull specific (temporary) competencies on board, saving you unnecessary costs.
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    Fewer time-consuming ad-hoc solutions are required, providing more predictability and fewer deviations.
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    A simplified pre-assembly process with technical improvements leads to fewer components, faster final assembly, and hence lower cost.
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    Just-in-time production and delivery thanks to the right experience, with confidence in delivery enabling continuous production.
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    Uniform use of same-type items requires less need for diversity in inventory, lower costs, and fewer unnecessary stock write-offs.
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    Overall faster lead time, better quality and price.

The impact of our solution, in words by our customers

“The unburdening and optimization of production and design support of technical components has led to more efficient production and has significantly reduced the number of alerts on our project issues tracker.”

“Issues with small components often resulted in several weeks of delay in project lead time. Since our collaboration, these lead times have been significantly reduced, by as much as 65% of the project duration.”

How can we help you?