Who we are

as a company

Demping our expertise.  The team has evolved from a pure wholesaler of components, to delivering more and more complex components, including subassemblies (e.g. nitrogen and oxygen generators). 

Going beyond.  Urgent requests for delivery of components or subassemblies on very short notice often pointed to a deeper underlaying problem. This prompted us to dig deeper into the why to solve the core problems, beyond simply delivering what was asked. 

We started getting broader questions from our customers who were faced with sourcing problems, but who did not know how or with whom to solve it.

Transitioning into Datkan.  We gradually expanded our services, which les us to the realization that our offering no linger fitted into the traditional structure of a wholesaler. Hence, Datkan was established in 2016, as a provider of broad sourcing services, combined with technical insights and advice.

Since then, we have helped numerous companies with client specific engineering and sourcing solutions across production, procurement, inventory, and logistic level, optimizing the whole chain and breaking down silo's where needed. 

Our Customers value

 Proximity - We operate across multiple hubs to be close to our customers

 Availability - You can call us anytime, even for a simple (technical) question

 Client focus - Each customer has a single point of contact

 Reliability - always on time

Today we serve many customers in various make industries such as Atlas Copco, Air Liquide, DEME, Honeywell, and many others.

The Team

Datkan has a team of experts in sourcing, procurement, logistics, and engineering that can help you with all your needs, a team that is driven by your results.

Our team prides itself on analyzing your situation, and coming up with solutions that fit your specific needs.

Every customer has its own DATKAN hub with dedicated people to help you with what you need, and when you need it.