"Datkan, more than a supplier of components"


Long  term supplier

Our core business is being a trustworthy long-term supplier in primary and secondary processes

     Client specific technical components

    Standard production related products

    Floor stock

    Other components as needed


You search for a component, service or supplier?
Datakn's team of experts will find it for you and optimize your supply chain, so it runs smoothly.

Togheter with your team and our experience, we connect the dots and build the most efficient primary and secondary processes possible.

We deliver more than products and share our knowledge, so you excel.

Outsourced services

You can outsource a number oof your services to us, so your team can focus on the high value items:

    Sub-assembly of client specific technical components

    Inventory management

    Logisitic services

    Administration of invoicing

Ad-hoc request

You urgently need a product, but you are unable to find it? Time is of the essence, but your current supplier is unable to help you out?

Count on our team because we will make it happen. We will find the right component or product at the right price, within the timeframe you need it, no matter how critical.

Our customers are continuously looking for improvements, whether in their sourcing processes, product design, or both.
This is where Datkan comes in as a true long-term partner, to help them with their goals.