Our solutions and services

We work with our customers along the value chain. The way we work with our customers is aligned to their needs and varies from providing advice to outsourcing of sub-assemblies.

We can work with you in both non-technical and technical topics, and our solutions can be structural or ad-hoc to cover all your needs.

We love to work with you to solve your challenges, so reach out to one of our experts.

Optimization of Piping Components

The diversity and evolving product range of piping components often lead to several problems across procurement, design and production.  

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Floor Stock Outsourcing

Floor stock of B and C items is often considered to have little to no strategic or financial value for many companies, yet it takes a lot of time and effort to stay on top of it.

While generally not strategic in nature from a sourcing perspective, they are as strategic as any other component when run out of stock, affecting your production.

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